Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Come Clean Cover......

i love when people do GREAT covers of GREAT songs. my friend caroline was in Romania this past spring for a missions trip and met these 2 lads who lived with their families in the city and had a huge role with the children in the community, most of which are orphans and extremely poor. hearing caroline talk about her trip here was INcredible and touching in more ways than i can count. here are some amazing photos shot by caroline
i was super excited when she showed me this beautiful cover they did of Eisley's "Come Clean".
hope your ears enjoy. the boy singing with caroline really has a unique voice- i adore it (caroline's too, of courses;))
xox, rachel

Sunday, September 4, 2011


after all of my Instagram spamming about this button project that i've been working on i wanted to let you know that i finally finished the letters, framed them and hung them on the wall in the nursery!
i really am happy with the turnout. i'm not sure about the white frames against the white canvas but the letters themselves look good to me:)
i will say that this project took longer than i thought and finding supplies was not as easy as i thought it would be. finding baby buttons and small brads to fill in the gaps proved to be quite the challenge. but then again, i live in the small town of Vero Beach where things are hard to find.
it was a good fun project. on to the next!
xox, rachel

Saturday, September 3, 2011


yep, i am 24 weeks!
today i saw Lucy's feet kicking on the OUTSIDE of my stomach!!!! it was BIZARRE.
i am HUGE, on pretty much full bed-rest and finally getting rid of the horrid cold/fever/flu that i contracted earlier this week. Go ZPAK (sp?) GO!
this is all i had the energy to blog. i'm literally out of breath from sitting in a strange position so the laptop doesn't crush the girls and i can actually see what i'm doing.
xox, rachel, lucy & sky