Saturday, July 31, 2010


1.Nancy Drew Mystery Dress $48
2. White Cloud in Concrete $45
3. Recycled Skateboard Bling Bling Custom Ring $22
4. Festival Caftan tunic dress - Storm Cloud $60

some of favorite finds for a saturday. all etsy. all fantastic. i have plans for drawing new designs this weekend. what is everyone else doing? in my opinion the end of summer makes everyone lazy. we're all kind of done with the heat and the prospect of things picking back up so soon is enough to make one want to nap:)

here's your song for a relaxing saturday. i heart Azure Ray to pieces.
xox, rachel

Friday, July 30, 2010


oh joy! caroline and i went thrifting today and the moment i spotted this chair i knew it had to be MINE! it was orignally $40 but i ended up getting it for $17. sooooo cuddly and comfy and it rocks- literally, and he spins around and around. the color green is outta this world. i foresee lots of photoshoots and loads of drawing to be done while sitting in him. here are some more fun shots of the chair which we ended up naming Marvin. he's so handsome:)

ready for a fun song by a really fun band?
"Nantes" by Beirut
i'm loving their album "The Flying Club Cup"
perfect summertime jams

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Half Acre

Vintage 80's Sheer White Striped Lace Babydoll Mini Tux Dress
i'm a little bit obsessed with this dress. what originally drew me into this shop were the photographs. i stumbled upon a listing for a skirt and got hooked on just browsing the photos. when i saw this dress i kind of fell in love. the neckline and shoulder detail= yum! i love the boots too. cute, cute, CUTE & right up my alley.
the shop is called VIRALTHREADS
this little number is selling for a very nice price of only $48
vintage & one of a kind. you really can't beat it!

music time! i love HEM & my favorite album is "Rabbit Songs"
hope everyone is keeping cool. our AC is out but getting fixed today. i have a really difficult time NOT sleeping in my own bed but it was literally a sauna last night and it felt 20 degrees cooler outside- that's when you know it's bad!
alright, onward with with earcandy......
xox, rachel

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Boy Who Stopped The World

as some of you know a little over a year ago the world lost a true "Boy who stopped the world and made his own". a dear friend to many who will never be forgotten. this year i wasn't sure what, or how, i wanted to blog about it. (see blog i posted in memory of him last year HERE)
i've been falling in love with the 2 pieces of art seen above and i truly believe in their messages, particularly " i will be grateful for this day".
you just never know which day will be your last.
i've learned a lot this past year about pain, struggle and strife. but i've also seen the beauty that can result from it.
today's song reminds me of david, the title is just perfect! plus it's one of my favorite artists who deserves a lot more recognition than he gets. love and miss you david- always. xo
Boy Who Stopped The World, The (Lackluster Album Version) by Aaron Sprinkle

p.s.- you can also purchase the second piece of art titled "Remember Happiness"
happy wednesday friends:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Street Spirit

today is a day for sharing! a little bit of my vintage obsession & one of the most brilliant Radiohead music videos i've ever had the pleasure of viewing:)
1. Jeanette Dark Jadite Beehive Flour Shaker $58
2. Green Owl Metal Organizer $16
3. Pair of Milk Glasses- Ice Cream Floats $18
4. Cathrineholm Norway lotus ware Orange $80

and now for the video......

it's tuesday and my husband comes back tonight from our hometown state- MICHIGAN! i cannot wait to visit this fall. cider mill time and leaves changing colors of every shade of red.
snapping my camera like mad. it'll be here before we know it. time flies.
love, rachel

Sunday, July 25, 2010

same SIDE imaginary

yes, i WANT this!
made with vintage slides of shots from the 1960s, 70s and 80s of beaches around the world and oceanside. it's called "Sandcastles in Your Living Room" you can check out more details and purchase it from oldnewmiddle on Etsy:
"Sandcastles in Your Living Room"

hope everyone is having a relaxing sunday. i spent 3 hours at the beach playing in the massive east coast waves. don't think i'm gonna leave you guys without a song!
one of my favorite songwriters of ALL time, Jeremy Enigk: singing Same Side Imaginary LIVE! his voice is so beautifully unique. i hope you enjoy it!

love, rachel

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

musical magic

i MUST share this with you! it will put you in a trance of beautiful things. not only does the music itself send shivers down my spine but the videography is overwhelming with intimate joy. the fact that there are christmas lights all aglow is enough to make me drool for days but on top of the lights are bunches of treasured views that for me, evoke all the very best kinds of emotions

Get Ready Set......

here i go!
"it helps me remember... and I NEED to remember... Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in." -RICKY FITTS-
you, dear brother, are my inspiration.

love, rachel
p.s.- if you want to see my where i was blogging before this here ya go: