About Me

(writing these bios is not my strong suit but here i gooooooo.....)
name: Rachel Demsick
age: 30
profession: shop owner of Get Ready Set Go on Etsy- it's my full-time job and i love it!
i've got a head completely FULL!
i was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and i'm now living 10 minutes from the mind-blowing ocean.

i do my best creating when MUSIC is playing.

here are a few of my favorite things and a few things that i find fascinating:
*vinyl records
*hooded sweatshirts
*the color RED
*maps and globes
*vintage alarm clocks
*wrought iron
*half dry hair in humid air
*vintage train cases
*sunlight streaming
*the forest
*old books
*new books
*skeleton keys
*rad sneakers- saucony & my converse
*soft sheets
*black currant sandlewood
*c.s. lewis everything
*christmas lights year-round
*thick milk glass