Wednesday, January 18, 2012

twins are EXHAUSTING but the VERY BEST!

okay these are 2 decent photos of me..... but i blame good filters and good lighting for my decency because most times i'm sweating, my hair is a disheveled mess and the bags under my eyes are HUGE! so don't be fooled by 2 decent pictures. i should point out i'm blogging while exhausted but it's therapeutic so i'm gonna babble on a bit more.......

ahhh, family cuddle time and daddy/daughter naps and open eyes and pursed lips. these girls melt us. we've started the sleep schedule, from the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Twins", and so far, so good:) the semblance of a schedule is what keeps me from going insane:)
(clockwise from upper left-hand corner)
i LOVE when the girls smile in their sleep. i was super pumped to have caught the moment with my iPhone:) we've been letting the girls cuddle a few times a day. they hold hands and put their arms in each others faces but it never seems to bother the other. i love how much they enjoy each others company. more baby feet!!! and lastly, Caroline was loving on ms. Lucy. and though half her face is covered i still love her opened eyes.
okay, it's way past bedtime, but i did nap for a long time today, so i'm done with this update.
Twins! i can't believe i have them
i cannot believe how much i ADORE them
xox, rachel

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lucy in the Sky with diamonds......

On December 9th at 9:14am my TWIN GIRLS came into this world!!! Lucy Asher, weighing 6.4 lbs. and Sky Rachel, weighing 6.14 lbs.
"For the LORD is good and His love endures FOREVER!"
After 25 HOURS of labor, the last 3 of which i pushed and pushed and couldn't move them a single inch, we headed to the OR during hour 26 for a c-section. and it's a good thing we did because the second they got little Lucy out Ms. Sky went breech so we would have ended up there either way.
the girls were born as HEALTHY as could be! i lost a LOT of blood and almost had to get a transfusion so we stayed 3 nights in the hospital. monday morning rolled around, the girls were now both weighing 6.7 lbs and mama got the okay from the doctor to go home. dad packed up our little troop of 4 and took us HOME!
the first week home was BRUTAL for me. all those painkillers and i was still in pain so i could barely move. thank God my mother was staying with us, as well as my sister. they were HUGE helps! i barely remember anything from that week, other than pain pain pain. but after 6 days my mom dragged me out of bed, into the sun, then into the shower, then outside for short walks 4 times a day. things finally started to turn around:) EVERY day since i've felt better than the one before. my mother is still living here, which is a MUST, and we are ALL having a blast taking care of these bundles of joy:)
Christmas was awesome!!! Both sides of my family have been visiting and helping like crazy (my girls are the first grandkids). My husband is on cloud 9 and beyond elated to have his wife back and smiling- i think he thought i'd never be happy again after 8.5 months of feeling miserable. I feel INCREDIBLY blessed by God.......
thank you again to EVERY one who has sent me the most encouraging instagram messages, facebook comments, tweets and texts during this ENTIRE process. you guys kept me going and are still continuing to do so. i wouldn't be where i am today, as happy as i am today, without all of your love and support- TRULY!
and now, i'm off to prepare bottles, change diapers, give eskimo kisses galore and SNUGGLE my brains out:)
love, love, love,
rachel, lucy and sky demsick (and robert too!)