Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ADDicted like no other

so, yeah. i'm 200% addicted to this whole Pinterest business
i cannot stop pinning!
i'm sick on the couch and really unable to do much so right now this pinning is sorta saving my life. keeping me inspired. we LOVE it.
all 3 of us do;)
and i'm knitting us a blanket. there is gonna be a WHOLE LOTTA SHARING GOING ON around these parts. and i'm THRILLED!
no one likes a spoiled kiddo.
i had never EVER thought about having twins. the mere mention of it sounded like TERROR. but now, as it all settles in. i think TWINS are gonna rock my world. built in best friend for life.
xox, rachel
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Friday, May 20, 2011

"Holy Doubling Up!".......

........that was the text i received from my father before i even left my dr. appt. yesterday.
i guess that's what happens when my husband AND my sister come with me to an appointment and the doc finds 2 HEARTBEATS in 2 LITTLE PEANUTS in my tummy.
Twins do NOT run in either of our fams so to say i was shocked to my very core is putting it mildly.
since then i've been every kind of not-so-fun emotion. but i'm ending today on a positive note. i've been blessed and encouraged in more ways than i can count in the past 24 hours. i'm not gonna lie...... i'm still terrified somewhere but i've got a peace right now.
too nauseated to write more but thankful i could even get this much down.
all you tweeters & facebook loves are INNNN-CREDIBLE!
i love you guys:)
xox, rachel

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


1. cap'n crunch berries frapp
2. the best red suitcase
3. camera withdrawls
4. i need 2 get my star tattoos re-inked
5. Leahbear mid "AnyHoozleBEES"
6. i fight crime
7. coke crate
8. dirty hair
9. the teeny tiniest hands
10. heartcanes & a hedgehog pincushion
11. ceiling fan trance
12. a single bulb

i'm basically to sick to do ANYthing. All i can manage to do is occassionally shoot pictures on my iphone and Instagram em'.
i don't know why they call it morning sickness- it's 24/7 over here. apparently this is healthy??? apparently this is all worth it??? since this is my first go around i can't disagree with all these wiser & DEFINITELY STRONGER women than me.
all i can do is shake my leg and moan, while drinking sparkling lemonade, which ROCKS!
xox, rachel

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


this is GENIUS. oh happy day! Eisley's BEST video yet, hands down!
xox, rachel

Monday, May 9, 2011

where to start?

so much to tell. so much still happening........
i am almost 8 weeks pregnant and very sick. we are super excited but right now i am so sick that my excitement has definitely been a bit deflated. but i'm pushin through:)!

my brother Tristan was taken to the hospital last week because he had/has a condition called pneumo-thorax, air between his heart and shoulder, outside of the lung. he had to have emergency surgery, where they removed a coke can's worth of air and then inserted a tube into the left side of his chest to try and remove the excess air. after a few days of the tube being in, his progression stalled and a CAT scan revealed that there was another bit of air in his other lung as well. back to the drawing board the doctors went.....

this morning tristan underwent another, more aggressive surgery. 2 surgeons, 1 working on each lung. it took about 2 hours but everything went really well. he is groggy, waking up and in quite a bit of pain but he is a FIGHTER and super healthy so we are elated!
thanks so much to everyone for your support & prayers. our family has been super duper blessed by it all:) below is a photo of Tristan with his 1st battle wound. talk about hardcore! yep, the KID is my HERO:)
xox, rachel