Monday, May 9, 2011

where to start?

so much to tell. so much still happening........
i am almost 8 weeks pregnant and very sick. we are super excited but right now i am so sick that my excitement has definitely been a bit deflated. but i'm pushin through:)!

my brother Tristan was taken to the hospital last week because he had/has a condition called pneumo-thorax, air between his heart and shoulder, outside of the lung. he had to have emergency surgery, where they removed a coke can's worth of air and then inserted a tube into the left side of his chest to try and remove the excess air. after a few days of the tube being in, his progression stalled and a CAT scan revealed that there was another bit of air in his other lung as well. back to the drawing board the doctors went.....

this morning tristan underwent another, more aggressive surgery. 2 surgeons, 1 working on each lung. it took about 2 hours but everything went really well. he is groggy, waking up and in quite a bit of pain but he is a FIGHTER and super healthy so we are elated!
thanks so much to everyone for your support & prayers. our family has been super duper blessed by it all:) below is a photo of Tristan with his 1st battle wound. talk about hardcore! yep, the KID is my HERO:)
xox, rachel


  1. Praying for your brother, Rachel...for full energy and recovery! I also hope you're going to be feeling more like yourself soon...all things considered of course.

    I thought that your brother was dealing with pneumo-thorax since that's exactly what happened with my sister. She along with my parents traveled all the way to San Antonio to have a procedure done on her to take care of a rare condition she was having. She would get all flushed on her face and chest whenever she was under anything that might be new or stressful for her. Her lungs collapsed during the first surgery and she had to go through 3 different surgeries while she was there. It was painful to not be able to be there with her, but she always tells me it was probably better that I wasn't there, because I would most likely have made her laugh and that could have caused another adhesion! I can't thank Jesus enough for keeping my sister alive. I thank Him every day.

    Relationships are so precious to me and I know they are to you as well. Love you, pieces!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have been dealing with a lot! Congratulations to you and all the best to your brother. That must have been terrifying - I'm so glad that he's making a full recovery.

  3. What a trooper! So glad to hear everything went well with your bro's surgery! Wishing him a super speedy recovery. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. It'll all be worth it when you get to see that amazing little baby. *hugs*

  4. Wow, I sure am a trooper! It seems that way, I guess.
    Love you Rach! - Uncle Tristy