Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

i'm SOOOO ready for 2011- BRING IT!
i will be sharing a list of goals, projects and photos tomorrow.
hope everyone has a safe and love-filled New Years Eve!
xox, rachel

Monday, December 27, 2010

Never Forgotten!

just dropping in to let you all know that i haven't forgotten about this here Blog. i'm SUPER excited about the new year and to get blogging in it!

buuuuttttt, for right now, while my husband has another week off of work, i have been busy knitting hats, relaxing, eating quality home-popped popcorn, dipping pine cones into polyurethane?!?(you'll see) and shamelessly becoming addicted to the Twilight movies. who knew?!?!?
i will be sharing music and some photos in the next dew days.
i also have a HUGE shop update that's gonna be rolled out in the first week of january:)
lots of new goodies to be photographed.
hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.
love love!
xox, rachel

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Walking in the Air MUSIC!

because Chauntelle DuPree has one of the most magical voices, and because we certainly do not get to hear it enough, here is a cover song she put out with her husband!

{song: Walking in the Air artist: Chauntelle DuPree & Todd  D'Agostino}
(written by Howard Blake from "The Snowman" '82)
Merry Christmas!
xox, rachel
p.s. i got the turntable and it's wrapped in pink candy lights:)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas PLaylist 2010!!!

i decided to make a giant playlist of tasty Christmas and holiday jams!
(please move the slidebar up to start at the beginning)
i hope you enjoy it:)
merry merry, happy happy
xox, rachel

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas In the Room... MUSIC!

{song: Christmas in the Room  artist: Sufjan Stevens}
as promised, another sufjan christmas song i've unearthed this season.


when i missed out on buying this vintage milkglass mug, and yes, i am still kicking myself, i decided it was time to go into Freckle Wonder and do some serious damage so i could save my poor shins from any more bruises.....
but don't worry, i left PLENTY of treats for others in the shop, along with oodles of clothing as well:)here are links, clockwise from top left-hand corner
(mugs) (camera) (glasses) (bangles)
click banner below to shop
xox, rachel

Frightened Rabbit Christmas... MUSIC!

{song: It's Christmas So We'll Stop artist: Frightened Rabbit}
not a typical Christmas song but one nonetheless
i have another Sufjan song i think i will post later today:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SNOW Video + Music

{song: Snow artist: Sleeping at Last}
check out the idea this band had.....
they asked their listeners to send them Holiday/Winter
themed video footage, with the intention of assembling it all into a
community-made music video for their original Christmas song, "Snow."
well, here it is! and it's magical:)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Do You See... MUSIC!

{song: Do You See What I See artist: Sufjan Stevens}
this version has a nice little electronic twist to it and it's not on Sufjan's double-disc christmas album. a special little gem:)
you can download it HERE!

My Crafty Week

the past week has been dedicated to the following things:
actually enjoying the christmas season rather than stressing about it!
getting ultra-cozy in my office
playing with my new camera lens
gathering all the christmas songs i could find to make the ultimate playlist!
thrifting everyday
collecting pine cones on my daily nature walks
fixing up my blog for the new year
please observe in photoblog form:)

it has truly been a terrific week.
i haven't enjoyed this time of year in far too long!
i'm really glad i made it a priority to get busy relaxing and to take in all of the wonders life has to offer right now.
(another christmas song will be up in a bit and it's FREE so you can add it to your list if you so desire!)
xox, rachel

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It Came Upon.... MUSIC!!!

{song: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear artist: The Honey Trees}
not only is today's christmas song SPLENDID but it's also available for FREE!
download it HERE

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remembering Rowan

when i was 24 i had one of The Greatest Jobs EVER!
i worked at a small yarn shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan

we had a starbucks next door
i got to organize bins of glorious yarn into cubbies by color
i was given a terrific discount on yarn
the owners let me choose the cds to play throughout the day:)
there were 2 GIANT tables in the front of the store where older, much wiser & seasoned knitters would sit and teach me everything i could ever wish to know about knitting, all while sipping on lattes!
did i mention i was getting paid?!?!

it was in that shop i fell in love with Rowan
with their patterns, their yarn, their photography
take a look..... that couch is to die for......hello beautiful set of stairs and a sweater i could eat it's so pretty!i made the raglan cardigan pictured above for my brother:)4 more photos of goodness!

this pattern book has been my absolute favorite from start to finish for 6 years now. it continually inspires me. something tells me things aren't going to change any time soon:)
thank you Rowan, for being so AWESOME!
xox, rachel

Christmas Lights MUSIC

another christmas tune getting a LOT of play around here:)

{song: Christmas Lights artist: Coldplay}
hope this finds your ears n heart happy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome Counting Backwards

since i'm in the introducing mood for 2011.......
i give you another blog feature
the name for this feature has been brewing for quite some time.
taken from the song title off my best friend Annie Stela's 1st full length record "Fool"
Counting Backwards will be dedicated to my vintage finds
i think the title is a perfect fit!
(HUGE thanks to Amy over at for coming up with the idea to use Annie's song titles. yes, you're a GENIUS!)
and while we're at it, here's the song:

Welcome to the blog Counting Backwards:)

Welcome HipstaThrift

today i bring to you a new feature that i will be putting into action on the blog in the new year.
it's a combination of 2 things i LOVE:
the Hipstamatic app on my IPhone
it will simply be photos of all the treasures i find while i'm out and about, thrifting and going to antique malls. this happens at LEAST once a week and i feel the need to somehow share/keep all the things i see but cannot afford & have no room for.
Welcome to the blog HipstaThrift:)
xox, rachel

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Boots

do NOT be afraid of the intro of this song:)
it's just a little Jimmy Stewart doing sum "It's A Wonderful Life"
"cinnamon candles burning......"
i LOVE this christmas jam!

{song: Boots Artist: The Killers}


this is for my friends,
for the ones on Etsy....

as many of you know this past year has been hands down the most difficult year of my entire life. hospitals, endless doctor appointments, severe panic, anxiety & depression
this year i have fought harder than i have ever fought before
on many days i had no fight left
it was on these days you were a light
in my darkest of hours.....
your endless, encouraging messages filling up my convo inbox
prayers, thoughts, well wishes
gifts and cards from people in other countries
from people i barely knew, from customers,
from this amazing community we know by it's orange rectangle:)
this community has been my lifeline
on nights where i never found sleep there was ALLLways someone there to write back and forth with.
those of you who shared your own personal struggles, the ones who assured me i would make it through, even though i was all out of hope
you gave it to me
you understood my shop opening and closing, then opening, then closing
you accepted me when i couldn't find it in me to answer a convo for weeks
you believed in me
you held me up when all i felt was down

today was one of the best days i've had in a LONG time
tonight, in my office, reading through your words (yes, i saved them ALL) i couldn't help but feel overwhelming amounts of thankful
"And Now My Heart is FULL"
please know i never would have made it through ANY of this without you- EVERY single one of you.
xox, rachel

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

one of my FAVS. a death cab for cutie Christmas jam
{artist: Death Cab For Cutie song: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)}

Fantastic Foto!

(image source)
{Jumping Someone Else's Train}
this photo is soooo pretty and inspiring. i've loved it for quite some time.
had to share!
back later with crafts n musical stuff:)
xox, rachel

Monday, December 13, 2010

CACAO Hot Chocolate

due to my extreme stomach problems, with no answers, one of the things i have had to give up drinking is coffee....... it HURTS to even type it:(
i think it's too acidic and therefore not doing my insides any favors.
i've been making hot Cacao, which essentially tastes like hot chocolate, but better.
AND it makes you HAPPY
no joke, the end of this post explains

8 oz. milk, soymilk or ricemilk- you choose
2 teaspoons sugar
2 heaping teaspoons raw cacao powder
heat 8 oz of your milk for about 2 minutes
mix in sugar, then mix in the cacao
stir vigorously and don't worry if the cacao clumps a little at the top. it's all good:)
keep a spoon in your mug & stir frequently when drinking, just to keep things from sinking to the bottom. delish!

{Cacao contains a wide array of unique properties and minerals, including high levels of sulfur and magnesium. It may increase your focus and alertness and contains nutrients to keep you happy. Chocolate and cacao are often associated with love. All this is due to phenylethylamine contained in the cacao. Anandamide can be produced in the brain when we are feeling great, cacao makes anandamide stick around longer!}
(above info source & more about cacao)
soooooo, come on, get HAPPY & stay warm.
(sidenote: it is going to drop down into the 20's tonight here in florida so warm drinks are essential right now)
xox, rachel

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Try Again This Year

i FINALLY found it!
it was buried but i knew it was somewhere
and tonight, it unearthed itself
what, you ask?
an old-skooool Annie Stela Holiday JAM
i think it's from 2005
still one of my FAVORITES:)
enjoy friends!

{song: Try Again This Year artist: Annie Stela}

Keep Me Around

{one simple sweet storage spot-owls}
i would like to own 2 of everything on this list. 1 for myself and 1 to share with a friend:)
xox, rachel

Sidewalk Ready, LETS GO!

meet Kayley of
here's her bio:
"I am an employee at the Gap, a photographer, and a hairstylist.
I love fashion, but let’s not get crazy. My ensembles are wearable for every day people.
I’m not out to get wacky looks from people, just compliments.
I shop at the mall (especially The Gap and Banana Republic).
I scour catalogs, magazines, and the internet for inspiration.
I look for deals. I get creative.
Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail.

That’s life … that’s fashion."
Kayley and her husband, Kai, are quite the spectacular team:)
she dresses, he shoots, magic happens!
the above photos are of one of my absolute FAVORITE outfits Kayley has blogged
read about it HERE
{fast foward}
Kai contacted me about customizing a bag as a gift for Kayley
super good vibes + abundant talent made me totally geeked about drawing sum art on said bag.
i couldn't wait to see what wondrous photos Kai was going to drum up.
these 2 TOTALLY delivered:

read this outfit blogged HERE
*all photos taken by Kai. please visit his EXCELLENT website: *
big thanks to Kayley and Kai for not only supporting my shop but for doing such a beautiful job showcasing their purchase:)
i love connecting with my awesome customers.
i'm quite certain we'd be fast friends with these 2 if it weren't for thousands of miles separating us.
hope you'll head over to Kayley's blog.
she's got FAB style with a great element of comfort- this is a HUGE plus in my opinion:)
have fun!