Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remembering Rowan

when i was 24 i had one of The Greatest Jobs EVER!
i worked at a small yarn shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan

we had a starbucks next door
i got to organize bins of glorious yarn into cubbies by color
i was given a terrific discount on yarn
the owners let me choose the cds to play throughout the day:)
there were 2 GIANT tables in the front of the store where older, much wiser & seasoned knitters would sit and teach me everything i could ever wish to know about knitting, all while sipping on lattes!
did i mention i was getting paid?!?!

it was in that shop i fell in love with Rowan
with their patterns, their yarn, their photography
take a look..... that couch is to die for......hello beautiful set of stairs and a sweater i could eat it's so pretty!i made the raglan cardigan pictured above for my brother:)4 more photos of goodness!

this pattern book has been my absolute favorite from start to finish for 6 years now. it continually inspires me. something tells me things aren't going to change any time soon:)
thank you Rowan, for being so AWESOME!
xox, rachel

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  1. Those are some beautiful patterns and pictures! I love your blog. It's very inspiring. Have a great Monday.