Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sidewalk Ready, LETS GO!

meet Kayley of
here's her bio:
"I am an employee at the Gap, a photographer, and a hairstylist.
I love fashion, but let’s not get crazy. My ensembles are wearable for every day people.
I’m not out to get wacky looks from people, just compliments.
I shop at the mall (especially The Gap and Banana Republic).
I scour catalogs, magazines, and the internet for inspiration.
I look for deals. I get creative.
Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail.

That’s life … that’s fashion."
Kayley and her husband, Kai, are quite the spectacular team:)
she dresses, he shoots, magic happens!
the above photos are of one of my absolute FAVORITE outfits Kayley has blogged
read about it HERE
{fast foward}
Kai contacted me about customizing a bag as a gift for Kayley
super good vibes + abundant talent made me totally geeked about drawing sum art on said bag.
i couldn't wait to see what wondrous photos Kai was going to drum up.
these 2 TOTALLY delivered:

read this outfit blogged HERE
*all photos taken by Kai. please visit his EXCELLENT website: *
big thanks to Kayley and Kai for not only supporting my shop but for doing such a beautiful job showcasing their purchase:)
i love connecting with my awesome customers.
i'm quite certain we'd be fast friends with these 2 if it weren't for thousands of miles separating us.
hope you'll head over to Kayley's blog.
she's got FAB style with a great element of comfort- this is a HUGE plus in my opinion:)
have fun!