Monday, December 20, 2010

My Crafty Week

the past week has been dedicated to the following things:
actually enjoying the christmas season rather than stressing about it!
getting ultra-cozy in my office
playing with my new camera lens
gathering all the christmas songs i could find to make the ultimate playlist!
thrifting everyday
collecting pine cones on my daily nature walks
fixing up my blog for the new year
please observe in photoblog form:)

it has truly been a terrific week.
i haven't enjoyed this time of year in far too long!
i'm really glad i made it a priority to get busy relaxing and to take in all of the wonders life has to offer right now.
(another christmas song will be up in a bit and it's FREE so you can add it to your list if you so desire!)
xox, rachel


  1. at this time of year you are lucky to find time to relax. those pictures are sweet btw. which lens did you get?

  2. Okay, I'm still *so* in love with your wreaths!! Your crafty spot looks perfectly cosy. Have a great week!