Monday, December 6, 2010

ColorFULL Decoratin'

i do not know what has come over me this year but ALL i want to do is make & buy colorful holiday decor.
if you've been following me on twitter or the blog you know how obsessed i've become with pompom wreaths!
here are a few more things i have my eyes set on.....
Colorful Scalloped Flag Garland
(made in mostly vintage fabrics- i NEED it!)
rainbow felt heart ornaments
(i want to sew buttons on these for a little extra cheer)
When form meets color, it's intimately poetic series
(so this last one isn't technically holiday decor but i love the texture and the concept behind it. the patterns and stitching makes me smile)
okay, i'm off to finish my baby pom wreath- i told you i was addicted!
xox, rachel


  1. that garland is adorable! I want it too! Great items Rachel! :)

  2. i'm drooling over that garland.. you have great taste! :)

    i'm actually working on little heart ornaments as we speak! (& mine have buttons!) :)

  3. Oh! So very pretty. And NOT Christmas-specific, which means little Jewish me can make them anytime!

  4. Those are so cute! I love your blog!!!

  5. here from Michelle Clement's blog, you have a great blog too! love it and a subscriber now :)


  6. I want to make those rainbow ornaments too!

  7. Found your blog through Scissor Quirk!

    OH love that scallop garland and I totally just saw a tutorial for it yesterday -->
    looks pretty easy. I want to make one. :)

  8. I love these crafts, so cute! Thanks for sharing!!