Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Felt Ball Wreath!!!!

since i have to go to the dr. nearly every single day this week, lets NOT talk about it, i decided i needed sum holiday cheer!
lissa, caroline and myself went out and bought the goods
i made caroline wear/play in the materials
here i goooo......
and a little bit more.......
and here is what i have so far!
this thing is gonna be rad when it's done. it's taking quite a long time but anything to take my mind off my mind:)
what are you making? i wanna do a bunch of DIY decorating this year.
chances are this wreath will stay up ALL year round.
xox, rachel


  1. Okay, can I even tell you how happy photos of pyrex bowls full of felt balls make me? Love!

  2. How SWEET! It does look very time consuming with all of those tiny felt balls of fun. I've been having fun too; so far I've made a yarn wreath and some fat squishy fabric pumpkins!

  3. i can't keep UP with everything i WANT to make. but i love love this wreath! i love all the different colors! i made a wreath out of plastic baggies & i heart it.. but now i want to make a wreath out of everything & anything!!! :)