Friday, November 19, 2010


i will FOREVER marvel at these hands....
at the veins, in the wrists, that pump from a heart, which can cut deep into mine

tonight i have been listening to annie's 1st full-length record, Fool,
and i've been remembering,
the first time i heard the song Believable.

we were in the house that annie grew up in
in our quaint little town of franklin, michigan
annie shut the glass doors of the room which held the piano
sat herself down and without hesitation belted this jam out for me
then, per usual, she turned her chin over her shoulder and asked
"you like?"
to which i replied:
"you play that song AGAIN, right NOW!"

i thought i would share,
so you could understand my need for a repeat performance

"I feel sick with this thing
I have to swallow and pretend to look around
This is a fiction I've created
I am cutting down a forest of words I'm not allowed
And I have fields of propositions that I've gated
And I only let them go if I can sing them to a crowd"

hope you enjoy friends
(find annie {HERE} and pass it on)

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