Monday, November 1, 2010

Geneseo New York SHOW

yes, i am playing catch up from TOUR....
time just got away from me at the end.
i went into "powering through mode" after we left michigan.
here are some shots of us getting ready to load up the car so Annie could go play a show in the basement of a house for a bunch of college kids.
talk about memory lane.
so glad that chapter of my life is OVER!
putting on boots. they were a staple
a little soundcheck.
look at those concrete walls. to annie's left there was a washer & dryer. all you can do with a basement like that is string up christmas lights.
they did it up right:)
while annie was playing i was able to get these super rad shadow shots of her against those cold grey walls
and she rallied all those kids together when she pulled out her ACDC cover
"You Shook Me All Night Long"
there was howling involved when this song came to a close.
xox, rachel
*wanna listen to Annie Stela? visit her Facebook page HERE & go to her music player on the left sidebar:)*

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