Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Molecular LOVE?

apparently my oh-so-cool-nerd-of-a-husband is really rubbing off me these days. he's a high school physics teacher, he majored in mechanical engineering. he basically speaks a language COMPLETELY foreign to me.
when i found myself drawing some molecular love on a train case the other day (above photo) i was taken a bit by surprise. but hey, i'm all for branching out:)
and no one, i mean it, NO ONE does ties up better than my FAVORITE TIE SHOP EVER on etsy: Toybreaker has everything under the sun, every style tie you could possibly dream up. i am really diggin' on this one:
Coffee and Cigarettes silkscreen necktie. (Caffeine and Nicotine molecule)
and check out this little bit of stichery goodness from my friend Malarie over at Itsastitch
i do believe my wall wants this, in a BAD way!
Happy Molecule - Embroidered Wall Art

and i have had my eyes on this necklace for quite some time......
serotonin molecule necklace, styled for men

so, what have we learned today?
1. my husband is really smart
2. molecules are super rad
3. this is as much as i need to know about physics and i'm TOTALLY okay with it:)
happy neurotransmitter hunting 2 u!
xox, rachel


  1. Yesterday on Twitter @Harvard posted a link to an article and video on molecular animation. I love science!

  2. loved this one, think I may need to go buy that tie.....or that train case!!