Tuesday, May 29, 2012

spoons in mouths!

okay, it's just some rice cereal but still! eating from a spoon?
it's pretty fun and the first time Sky ate she was VERY suspicious, as you can see in the photo in the bottom right:)
Lucy went after the spoon with the determination to eat the ENTIRE utensil! i can't let her play with the spoon after eating because she was constantly gagging herself.
just growing up every day these 2 are!
i have a song i sing, that i made up, and it's more of a yell- song and it's horrible but it goes like this:
so, there's that.
these 2 truly are my best friends:)
xox, Rachel Lucy & Sky

Monday, May 28, 2012

4 people who LOVE music..... by people who are brave enough to create it

just watch this
it will make sense to those of us who have been kept alive by music, who are fed by music, who wonder what will happen to our favorite artists.... my words hold little value compared to what this video has to say.....
"something as unhealthy as the approval of others......"
xox, rachel

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Letters to my Twins

today i decided i really wanted to start writing letters to my girls. of all the things they're doing and all the things i love. i sat down on our back porch tonight and wrote a long rant, because that is my favorite way to write. i believe it is called stream writing? where you just write whatever is in your head. so, since paper can burn and get lost i'm going to write my first letter here and save a copy to my email as well. don't expect eloquence or proper grammar. actually, one should never expect those things when reading my blog. i always stream. here goes it:
"today is 5/26/2012
you girls are 26 weeks and 1 day old
Lucy, you get so excited about life. you make raspy, heavy breathing sounds that sound like a monster when you're really excited- which is a lot of the time. you're the cutest little rascal.  you used to make this face, where your lips would be in the shape of an "o" but you stopped doing that about 2 months ago. you giggle like a crazy cat.
Sky, you have the cutest wide smile ever. and you do this thing with your eyes, you move them side to side, from corner to corner, like your dad, and it's hilarious. you like to talk loud and you like to have yelling matches and see how loud your voice can get. when you laugh you sometimes squee and snort. you chew on your wrist when your fingers and fist aren't making the cut.
names for lucy: we call you lu-shoes, lu-lu bell and luce, these probably will all stick.
names for sky: we call you sky-pie, daddy calls you sky-fa-la (we came up with that when you were in my tummy and it's silly and it used to be a secret name for you but now it's out, he calls you it when you are being silly), we also call you skyline (actually your poppa is the only other person besides me, mom, that calls you that because he gave you the name) i can't imagine us ever NOT calling you Sky-Pie.
sky- you're totally chill and relaxed & you love watching the sesame street video "Begining Together" with GG on DVD. it drives me bananas but the 2 of you have the BEST time! thankfully GG only puts it on in her room so i don't go completely insane;) PRAIRIE DAWN KILLS ME- you & GG ADORE her. i don't get it but it makes me ridiculously happy to see you so happy. daddy misses when you would take naps on his chest. you did that ALL the time when you were first born, for at least 8 weeks. when you wake up from naps you usually still have your eyes closed and you burrow your head into my chest, wiping away your crocodile tears and taking deep breaths. it's like magic, if magic existed. it's a miracle.
lucy- you never EVER stop moving, just like when you were in my tummy. your right leg in particular goes in ferocious circles and bends and straightens like MAD. don't worry, your left one does it too. you like listening to music with me on daddy & I's bed, usually in the late afternoon. you love when i sing softly into your tiny ear along to the playlist i made for us to hang out to. and even though my voice isn't very good, to you, it's soothing. you watch the ceiling fan and take cat naps while i sing and sing and sing. we do "noses" a LOT, which is just another name for eskimo kisses. when you were itty bitty & fussing a bunch i would press my nose into yours, you would lock eyes with me and i would whisper/sing "yes, Jesus loves Lucy, yes, Jesus loves Lucy, the Bible tells me so" over and over and over and eventually you would calm down. i still do it. i'm pretty sure i always will.
you BOTH drool 24/7 and when you wake up from a nap your cheeks are all wet & stinky from burying your little faces in your slobber. dad calls the smell "old foot" and we laugh about it because dad always checks his breath after saying that and then he says that his is even worse- YUCK! but SOO funny:) your little cheeks smell pretty rank but i love em anyways, just as much as the clean ones. your cheeks always smell perfect. you both are perfect.
i still cannot believe i have TWINS?!?!?!? you girls are the best things that ever happened to me, next to God and daddy:) you guys MELT ME- GAHHHHHH!
xoxo love, mom"
letter 1 of many more

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alive and Kickin'!

HOW are my children 5 MONTHS OLD????

They are killing me with their sweet personalities, their sweet giggles, the way they chew on their hands & fingers NON-STOP as they wait for those tiny teeth to pop through their gums....man, who knew it could get this good?!:)

Lucy Asher
Sky Rachel