Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flickr Lovely Bright

The dollhouse on the work table
this photo makes me happy. i want to live inside that house. just for a week or 2.

Handmade Fashion COAT & DRESS

where do i even begin on the MANY ways that i LOVE this coat and the photos?!? it's truly beautiful and you can tell the designer put a lot of time and creative energy into making it.
made by RiordanRoache
you can find it here along with all the details:
Double Breasted Hand Embroidered Wool Jacket Large $245

this next dress is gorgeous and it's REVERSIBLE! it's a new artist named Kendra who has created her own independent fashion label called Lonie Mae. It can be found over at RedVelvetArt
and here is a direct link to the dress:
Silver Bubble Dress

that's my tuesday blog post!
also, i am having another GIVEAWAY that will start again this thursday and i'm extremely excited about it! don't forget to enter my current
xox, rachel

Monday, August 30, 2010

awe, gee, you're cute!

monday is here and i'm ready for a nap:) hope you like these fun finds. everytime i think it's all been discovered 10 new shops drop into my lap.
xox, rachel

Sunday, August 29, 2010

come back friend....

my heartstrings are aching and pulling and twisting me into one gigantic emotional knot. i miss my friend hannah SOO much it literally feels like i cannot breathe. just going through the pictures of every visit she has taken down here to see me and before i knew it water was spilling down my cheeks. it's been months since i've seen her. i feel like a part of me is missing. life has us on 2 different paths right now and i get that- but i do not like it. who will roll down the hills of michigan with me? and who will rock out with me in the car as i drive over the bridge to the beach with all the windows down screaming the lyrics to rilo kiley and tegan & sara?
geoff took us out on the boat, we've beaded a ridiculous amount of necklaces, we power watch seasons, drink diet coke with lime and izze like it's our job, make the BEST guacomole on the face of the planet, knit legwarmers, cry when michael scoffield dies, make popcorn and take pictures of my white-trash neighbors christmas decorations that only can be found in florida. i want my friend here right now!
swinging in the park after i killed your knees making you jump all of those jumps. and you never complained once.....
we call her hannah sunshine.
" here i am where i've been
i've walked a hundred miles in tobacco skin,
and my clothes are worn & gritty.
and i know ugliness,
now show me something pretty."
XO, i love you hannah

Follow the Wind....

1. LAMINATED patterned double sided paper globe ornament $10
2. Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant Necklace Charm - RARE RED BACK SPACE $31
3. Follow the Wind $20
4. Coasters - vintage inspired - for party outdoor $20
sundays make me lazy and sluggish. these 4 things put a smile on my face and brighten up my day. i want to fly away with some red and aqua balloons please....
xox, rachel

Saturday, August 28, 2010

inspired Flickr Favorites mosaic

1. Jeremy Enigk,
2. streamlined dreams.,
3. boys (don't) cry,
4. Lonely heart...
it's saturday night. i'm tired and drained so i popped into one of my favorite places to get some happy inspiration energy from.... FLICKR!

1. i have seen Jeremy Enigk play live over 15 times and i can say that without a doubt he evokes the most unbelievable emotions ever. this photo captures his intensity. he looks as though he might just bite the mike right off. i don't know if it was hot on the day he played this outdoor festival but it wouldn't matter because he would still be sweating profusely. he sings with a passion that puts me in utter shock. sometimes at live shows your legs get sore for all that standing. when you are watching this guy perform you do not feel your legs. i believe i've made and perhaps OVER-made my point. but it is my blog right?

2. these underwater heart bubbles are MAGICAL. the colors & composition speak for themselves. this photo reminds me of a loud exasperated screaming sigh. the release of frustration.

3. i know this boy is crying and that is sad BUT crying is beautiful. it cleanses our body of toxins, it evokes and conveys emotion. it's REALITY. life is full of pleasure and pain.

4. i desperately miss passing people on the street. i miss living in a city full of people with stories. i long for a building this unique in this town that i live in that is oh so cookie-cutter, boring and sheltered.

***Join in on Flickr Favorites with
i'm super thankful for so many things, even when my emotions tell me otherwise. i need to make a consious decision to focus on the good. every day. EVERY minute. i've got a whole lot of life to be living and tasting and feeling.
xox, rachel

Friday, August 27, 2010


as promised to my friend Jill over at LUNE, here are the photos of the custom order bag with the pegasus on it!!! it took about an hour to draw but i am pleased with the results. i hope the buyer is hap, hap, HAPPY:) today i received a belated birthday gift from my father and step-mom.
i NEVER thought i would be getting a pair of these, even though they have been on my wishlist for quite some time, and i was giddy as could be when i opened them up........
they are "studio beats by dr. dre" and they are PHENOMENAL! the sound quality is soooo lovely it's as though there is NOTHING but me and the music. i love being wrapped up in these guys. i found myself stuck listening to transatlanticism by Death Cab over and over over and over. it's such a moving song with a beautiful build up and it's long. i just can't get enough. tonight i plan on listening to Jeremy Enigk albms. i'm sure i will be brought to tears. there is no voice i find more soothing.
i'm feeling tired from this busy week. i had a TERRIFIC amount of sales, 3 photoshoots (i will be editing for days) AND launched my very 1st GIVEAWAY (if you haven't entered yet you can do so here...)!
looking forward to the weeks ahead:)
xox, rachel

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a Twillypop GIVEAWAY!!!!

welcome friends!
i am very excited to be having my 1st giveaway AND to be having such a talented etsian participating:)
let's get to know a little bit about Sara, the shop owner......
1. please tell us about your shop. when did you first open your shop and what made you choose to sell on etsy?
I only just started last fall. I opened my account in September & listed my 1st item sometime in October. I started selling on Etsy just to see if i could...... If anyone would want to buy my little creations :)

2. you dig fashion! what are your favorite styles or decades of style?
*sigh* I LOVE most of what is going on right now in fashion. I have always been one to mix a little of what's new with something that will always be timeless. i.e. Pearls........ with neon ribbon.

3. what's your favorite part about running Twillypop?
I LOVE creating new pieces. I LOVE the photography and the photo editing more than i ever expected.

4. what are some of your favorite things/hobbies?
I enjoy running and weight training. I LOVE to read. I also like to cook and DEFINITELY LOVE to bake. Of course all of this takes a backseat to cuddling with my "chickens" (aka my kids)

5. what are your 2 favorite items in your shop?
1. Pinkie (Tuscadero) Ribbon Bracelet
I LOVE Pinkie. Mostly because I almost fell over in delight when I found the beads. Hot Pink. Crackle. Enough said.
2. Camille Bauble Bracelet
This is a brand new listing that I'm kind of smitten with as well.

the super fantastic Sara is giving away a MATCHING SET:
Peacock Jet Ribbon and Pearls Necklace
Deep Peacock Mollie Pearls and Ribbon Bracelet
there are lots of ways to enter and each entry will give you a better chance at winning so lets get on with the different ways you can participate...
to enter:
● follow my BLOG (on the right sidebar), if you already do, just let me know.
● visit TWILLYPOP' shop & let us know which item is your FAVORITE
● tweet about this GIVEAWAY
● blog about this GIVEAWAY

leave me a comment below letting me know all of the ways that you've entered. also, make SURE to include your e-mail address so we can contact you should you be the winner:) have fun, good luck and thanks so much to sara for giving awayyyyyy!
xo, rachel
*this giveaway will end on thursday september 2nd at noon & the winner will be announced on friday the 3rd*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

making me HAPPY

here are 3 things that i am happy about today:

#1. this photo of caroline in the rain that we shot yesterday after we were done shooting lots of NEW BAGS for the shop. i love her expression and just how much that kid likes to play in the water!
i am SOO digging on this next one....
#3. i LOVE Olive's shop on Etsy. her pillows hold the key to my heart. this one is not only RED but it is also a SUITCASE PILLOW. i literally squealed with delight when i stumbled upon this.
you can buy it here...
okay, tomorrow is my first GIVEAWAY on the new blog! make sure you come back because it's a really good one and i'm oh so happy to be sharing it with all of you:)
hugs out, rachel

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flickr Favorites MOSAIC

1. Alice,
2. Balloons,
3. No Sampling, Lossless Compression - Is vinyl making a comeback?,
4. Untitled
very excited to have found this new mosaic maker for my Flickr favorite:) huge thanks to ArtMIND for getting this flickr ball rolling for me!
xo, rachel

Monday, August 23, 2010

the little prints

i am SMITTEN with this new-to-me shop! you can find little bits of everything inside. here are 4 things i would like to add to my cart:)
1. adjustable olive green headband $12
2. carnival ride 5x5 $6
3. fall pillow in corduroy and plaid $26
4. vintage wooden box purse $28

head on over to the little prints shop for more goodies!

i just had some lemon cake with homemade lemon frosting that my mother-in-law made for my birthday celebration yesterday. i don't like cake nor do i like frosting BUT i LOOOVED what she made. that woman has got some skills in the kitchen. i need to request that every year!
here comes tuesday, are you ready for it?oh, here is a little panda bear cuteness on this bag now listed in my shop!
love love friends, rachel

impromptu christmas tree?

happy monday:)
i have a photoshoot today, completely unrelated to the shop, and i'm looking forward to it. abandoned houses watch out... here we come! before i get on with everything i thought i would share with you one of my Flickr Favorites. it's Pretty Pure Magical Sweetness. christmas lights are my best friend.
hope everyone had a great weekend. i believe my blog's first GIVEAWAY is about to drop THIS THURSDAY..... stay tuned.
XO, rachel
p.s.- click the photo to see it up close and perfectfull

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Autumn Staples

here are a few of my vintage finds that i think could be staples for your fall wardrobe.

70's Brown Ethnic Cardigan Sweater
buy it here...
perfect to wear over a t-shirt or tank! during the warm days of fall you can keep it stashed in your awesome bag with all of your other belongings for when the temperature drops in the slightly chilly evenings. what bag am i talking about? read on.....2. here's the bag from my shop on etsy! the most perfect rich cranberry wine-colored messenger that will hold ALL the things you need for a day out and about.
buy it here.....
3. who doesn't love these Vintage Leather Boots in Espresso
by JessJamesJake ?
buy them here...
4. to complete the ensemble we have super cute skinny jeans- don't you want to show off your awesome boots? really, you can find them anywhere. i like the medium-dark wash the best. new jeans are ALWAYS a staple when gearing up for fall!
hope you all are as excited for autumn as i am, hot apple cider here i come:)
keep your eyes peeled for another shop update later this week with lots of messengers and really cool stacking trunks.
xo friends,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ticking CLOCKS

yes, i DO have a Vintage alarm clock obsession. i especially love the ones from other countries. above is a photo of some of my favorites. sometimes they scare you half to death if people have been toying with them and 5 hours later the SHRILL alarm goes off! seriously, it's TERRIFYING but they are so PreTTy!!!
here are 4 clocks i am tempted to purchase right now but i am exercising restraint
1. vintage dutch alarm clock $25
2. Black Waterbury Vintage Round Art Deco Alarm Clock $35
3. Vintage Russian mechanical alarm clock Vitjaz from Soviet Union period $24
4. Vintage White Alarm Clock $20

and just for fun, here is another shot in black and white that i really LOVE the composition of.xo friends, rachel

Friday, August 20, 2010

Threads & TRENDS

don't ask me why but i have a thing for "spools of thread". i wish i was better at sewing, that i had more time to do it and that my grandmother was still alive to teach me all of her tricks. i do have her sewing box and i cherish it! i went on a "spools of thread hunting binge" last night and the goodies above are half of what i found:) you can buy all things pictured plus 8 extra threaded goodies over in my etsy treasury here....
okay, i am not a big fan of keeping up with the trends. i don't have time and i really just like to like what i like. there is nothing wrong with keeping up on trends, i should probably do more of it when i'm drawing new designs on my luggage, but i just am not the girl to go to if you want to know what's "in", as they say. i'm getting to my point i promise!
my sister has been telling me for months to start watching WEEDS. i gave in yesterday and watched 2 episodes. the intro to that show blew me away. i found it so fascinating and i was able to find a video clip of it to share with you- it's BRILLIANT!
and it definitely reminds me of why i tend to stay away from trends:
happy weekend!

Happy Bench Monday

Happy Bench Monday
Originally uploaded by Theresa Thompson
okay, okay, i know it's friday but it's the title of the photo so it's not my place to change it:)
there are SO many things to love about this snapshot.
the red chair,
the red chucks,
the rainbow striped socks,
the jeans folded up,
the radiator,
the texture of the wall
and the body is in mid-air!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE me some flickr finds:)
(click on the photo to see the original size

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pen & INKED!

the above drawing is not only super awesome (the antler girl has a suitcase!!!) but the story behind it is equally as fun. read more about it here...
and below is a small preview of other things i would love to get my paws on from this shop!
love love, rachel
p.s.- my sister has convinced me to start watching WEEDS and i must say that i LOVE the intro song/video thing. i need to find it on youtube because it's genius. maybe i will have it for you tomm:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Salt Empire

oh how the photos from the shop above inspire me. they are so beautiful and the earrings that are for sale are SPECTACULAR!
go check out TheSaltEmpire

it's pretty safe to say that i have been in love with this striped sweatshirt since i first found etsy. it looks so comfortable and the detailing of the ruffles on the shoulders gives it the perfect feminine touch:)
Blue and white striped sweatshirt by VictorianBird

i really want to start reading more and i think this autumn leaf in red hues might just be the jump start i need to get me back in the habit:)
Autumn Leaf Bookmark by Rumpelfeltskin
cannot believe it's wednesday! the husband has gone back to work (he is a high school physics teacher) and i am officially a part of the 30 year old club. it feels like a new season really is starting! now to book that trip back to michigan in october. i'm working up to it.
xo, rachel

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my birthday.....

soooooo, it's officially my 30th birthday....
i have lots of things i want to post.
if i could do one thing today it would be this:
attend a Jeremy Enigk concert. i cannot believe i missed his last tour. best live performer ever.
more tomm.
xo, rachel

Sunday, August 15, 2010


yesssssss! we painted today- ALL day. listened to good music and just had ourselves a good old time. here's a picture crazy post of a fraction of what we did.

it was a great sunday. we all got 12 hours of sleep the night before but we did a pretty darned good job of relaxing today:)
xo, rachel

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Glass, Concrete, Stone

1. Lets Play Cube Wallet by Florspace $25.90
2. Soldier Soldier - upcycled military jumper by louloudo $20
3. vintage. distressed. black. filigree frame. 1960s wallpaper. by OliveSomeday $19
4. Comfort Lampshade/ Neutrals oranges and Reds / Imported Papers hand cut Stripes by lauralights $185
there are so many layers upon layers of goodness to be found on etsy!

*brother vacation update: we showed tristan Shawshank Redemption last night. i love showing my brother new movies. the older he gets the bigger the selection. he really liked it.
"Get busy living, or get busy dying."*

enjoy this awesome video by the talented David Byrne
xox, rachel

Friday, August 13, 2010


we went thrifting ALL day today. got some FABULOUS stuff that you will be seeing in the shop soon but our funniest find was this album- SHANTYTOWN. if you are a fan of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries then you will clearly see the similarities of this album cover and some shots from "A Mighty Wind". The bus is headed to Shantytown!
i mean, really study these fantastic people. could they look any merrier? can you spot the 4 pieces of vintage luggage? we HAD to have it and it's only gotten funnier as the day has progressed!
this is a shot of tristan sitting amonst the coolest 3 piece set of luggage ever! i cannot wait to shoot these for the shop. threw in shanty-lovin' because we really do love them so very much.
look at the interior of the smallest case. i have no words......
tonight we are watching 2 movies and having a campfire.
hope everyone has plans for a magical weekend:)
love, rachel