Monday, August 23, 2010

the little prints

i am SMITTEN with this new-to-me shop! you can find little bits of everything inside. here are 4 things i would like to add to my cart:)
1. adjustable olive green headband $12
2. carnival ride 5x5 $6
3. fall pillow in corduroy and plaid $26
4. vintage wooden box purse $28

head on over to the little prints shop for more goodies!

i just had some lemon cake with homemade lemon frosting that my mother-in-law made for my birthday celebration yesterday. i don't like cake nor do i like frosting BUT i LOOOVED what she made. that woman has got some skills in the kitchen. i need to request that every year!
here comes tuesday, are you ready for it?oh, here is a little panda bear cuteness on this bag now listed in my shop!
love love friends, rachel


  1. wheeee someone is smitten with my shop! how exciting :) i appreciate the post so much and i'm loving your blog already!

    ohh and happy birthday!