Sunday, August 29, 2010

come back friend....

my heartstrings are aching and pulling and twisting me into one gigantic emotional knot. i miss my friend hannah SOO much it literally feels like i cannot breathe. just going through the pictures of every visit she has taken down here to see me and before i knew it water was spilling down my cheeks. it's been months since i've seen her. i feel like a part of me is missing. life has us on 2 different paths right now and i get that- but i do not like it. who will roll down the hills of michigan with me? and who will rock out with me in the car as i drive over the bridge to the beach with all the windows down screaming the lyrics to rilo kiley and tegan & sara?
geoff took us out on the boat, we've beaded a ridiculous amount of necklaces, we power watch seasons, drink diet coke with lime and izze like it's our job, make the BEST guacomole on the face of the planet, knit legwarmers, cry when michael scoffield dies, make popcorn and take pictures of my white-trash neighbors christmas decorations that only can be found in florida. i want my friend here right now!
swinging in the park after i killed your knees making you jump all of those jumps. and you never complained once.....
we call her hannah sunshine.
" here i am where i've been
i've walked a hundred miles in tobacco skin,
and my clothes are worn & gritty.
and i know ugliness,
now show me something pretty."
XO, i love you hannah

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