Friday, August 6, 2010


growing up my dad was ALL about manners. now, when i say that i do not mean that my dad was some sort of dull dud. if anything my dad is far from that. he's always encouraged us to be ourselves, embrace life, do crazy things, laugh out loud etc. we are quite the ridiculous bunch when you get us together and we ALLways have a good time!
one thing i remember learning from a young age that has stuck with me like nothin' else over the years is Eye Contact. when you meet someone, you shake their hand- you make Eye Contact! when you are toasting and clanking your glasses with those around the table (a fun thing we do often when we are together) you always make Eye Contact with the person you are cheersing to! (i think i made up the word cheersing but i'm okay with that) when you are having a conversation- EYE CONTACT!
i think it's a really great thing and it's polite. the older i get the more i am baffled by the amount of adults who lack people skills and most likely it's because they were never taught them. i am thankful my pops was insistent on teaching us kids these things. it's just a kinder way of life:)
in light of my father's good teaching i decided to share some of my favorite vintage sunglasses with my readers. sunglasses are another thing that fall into the large category of "things i could easily get addicted to" so i'd better be careful!
it's the weekend- happy dance.
i'm hoping to convince rebecca to go garage sale-ing with me tomm morning, but she doesn't know it yet so let's keep it between us:)
love, rachel

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  1. garage sale-ing, eh! sounds FUN. wheteher or not i can make eye contact with the sellers is the ?....sadly this is one of my social downfalls, EEK! i workin' on it tho :)