Saturday, August 28, 2010

inspired Flickr Favorites mosaic

1. Jeremy Enigk,
2. streamlined dreams.,
3. boys (don't) cry,
4. Lonely heart...
it's saturday night. i'm tired and drained so i popped into one of my favorite places to get some happy inspiration energy from.... FLICKR!

1. i have seen Jeremy Enigk play live over 15 times and i can say that without a doubt he evokes the most unbelievable emotions ever. this photo captures his intensity. he looks as though he might just bite the mike right off. i don't know if it was hot on the day he played this outdoor festival but it wouldn't matter because he would still be sweating profusely. he sings with a passion that puts me in utter shock. sometimes at live shows your legs get sore for all that standing. when you are watching this guy perform you do not feel your legs. i believe i've made and perhaps OVER-made my point. but it is my blog right?

2. these underwater heart bubbles are MAGICAL. the colors & composition speak for themselves. this photo reminds me of a loud exasperated screaming sigh. the release of frustration.

3. i know this boy is crying and that is sad BUT crying is beautiful. it cleanses our body of toxins, it evokes and conveys emotion. it's REALITY. life is full of pleasure and pain.

4. i desperately miss passing people on the street. i miss living in a city full of people with stories. i long for a building this unique in this town that i live in that is oh so cookie-cutter, boring and sheltered.

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i'm super thankful for so many things, even when my emotions tell me otherwise. i need to make a consious decision to focus on the good. every day. EVERY minute. i've got a whole lot of life to be living and tasting and feeling.
xox, rachel


  1. I had to look at that underwater one on Flickr after your explanation...yeah, it is pretty amazing.

  2. I am with you on the crying part for sure! The relieve and 'space' your body gets after a good cry is enormous! What a lovely post, Rachel! So FULL of emotions!