Monday, August 2, 2010

Lonely Ghosts + Striped Boots

ohhhhh, if only those boots were my size. i think they are SPLENDID! striped to perfection and the color theme of the things i love today. also, if i could play the song "Lonely Ghosts" on the piano i would! but since i cannot i will let your ears listen to this perfect original version
right HERE
1. Boots in Burgandy, Gray and Blue 7.5 $50
2. Aqua Satin Folded Dress $120
3. ruffle headband, pale blue and brown $18
4. vintage 80's MINERAL crinkled mini FLOUNCE skirt $28
thanks for reading friends.
love, rachel
p.s.- while i was pulling this blog together i got an email with some fun good news that i will hopefully be sharing with you very soon:)


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  1. Fun items! Those boots are awesome. And thanks for sharing the "Lonely Ghosts" song, so lovely! Thanks also for the comment on my blog the other day :)