Tuesday, August 10, 2010


are you ready? it's coming...... that's right- SCHOOL! then onto AUTUMN, pumpkins, leaves changing colors, apples and cider. can you tell it's my favorite time of the year?!
the shop is getting a TOTAL makeover. it's been in desperate need for quite some time. here's a preview of what we've been working on......
some new bags, new product shots, new outfits, new feeling!
i am in love with the way this sweater shoots!
suspenders, adorable mini skirt and tights? CHECK!
a little something new..... won't be doing much of it because it's quite time consuming but i had such fun stitching her up!

the military teacher just flipped out!
thanks so much for checking out the newness. i plan on adding lots of fun new designs to the shop over the next few weeks. i am also entertaining the thought of taking more custom orders, which will require more time but will also force this brain of mine to get more artistically challenged:)
love, rachel


  1. Looks amazing! Cannot wait to see all the new stuff you've been working on. And also, I want that sweater. So much.

  2. Uhm....so much to say about this blog entry...AWESOME photos!

    That's one.


    Love the new design and I am sorry to say, you might not be able to control people from requesting the embroidered stitchery. It's lovely.

    Three...I love autumn and wish it would last for way longer than it does where I live...sigh...Just have to take it all in while it lasts. (I turn 33 this autumn, aaahhhh! ;-) )

    So much goodness!! :-D

  3. love all the changes you're making! and at such a perfect time of year!
    another great thing about the months ahead is HOLIDAYS - which means TRAVEL and everyone needs SUPER COOL LUGGAGE when they go away! :)

  4. Makes me wish I was going back to school now . . .

  5. Lovin the new photos! you're a genius rach! ;)