Saturday, August 21, 2010

ticking CLOCKS

yes, i DO have a Vintage alarm clock obsession. i especially love the ones from other countries. above is a photo of some of my favorites. sometimes they scare you half to death if people have been toying with them and 5 hours later the SHRILL alarm goes off! seriously, it's TERRIFYING but they are so PreTTy!!!
here are 4 clocks i am tempted to purchase right now but i am exercising restraint
1. vintage dutch alarm clock $25
2. Black Waterbury Vintage Round Art Deco Alarm Clock $35
3. Vintage Russian mechanical alarm clock Vitjaz from Soviet Union period $24
4. Vintage White Alarm Clock $20

and just for fun, here is another shot in black and white that i really LOVE the composition of.xo friends, rachel


  1. you KNOW i love, these pics of your collection are AWESOME!

    :) rebecca

    ps. you better hide your husband too!

  2. Great finds! my fav is the white one.

    Have a great weekend Rachel. :)