Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flickr Favorites MOSAIC

1. Alice,
2. Balloons,
3. No Sampling, Lossless Compression - Is vinyl making a comeback?,
4. Untitled
very excited to have found this new mosaic maker for my Flickr favorite:) huge thanks to ArtMIND for getting this flickr ball rolling for me!
xo, rachel


  1. Oh man, you're not telling me this is your first mosaic? It rocks! I love how you put all these beautiful pics together! Making mosaics is addictive though so beware! ;) Thanks for playing along, Rachel! :)

  2. Lovely mosaic, I would love to be a balloon in the picture above.

  3. Sweet job! I'll have to get hooked myself!

  4. i'm drooling over the pink record player!!