Friday, August 27, 2010


as promised to my friend Jill over at LUNE, here are the photos of the custom order bag with the pegasus on it!!! it took about an hour to draw but i am pleased with the results. i hope the buyer is hap, hap, HAPPY:) today i received a belated birthday gift from my father and step-mom.
i NEVER thought i would be getting a pair of these, even though they have been on my wishlist for quite some time, and i was giddy as could be when i opened them up........
they are "studio beats by dr. dre" and they are PHENOMENAL! the sound quality is soooo lovely it's as though there is NOTHING but me and the music. i love being wrapped up in these guys. i found myself stuck listening to transatlanticism by Death Cab over and over over and over. it's such a moving song with a beautiful build up and it's long. i just can't get enough. tonight i plan on listening to Jeremy Enigk albms. i'm sure i will be brought to tears. there is no voice i find more soothing.
i'm feeling tired from this busy week. i had a TERRIFIC amount of sales, 3 photoshoots (i will be editing for days) AND launched my very 1st GIVEAWAY (if you haven't entered yet you can do so here...)!
looking forward to the weeks ahead:)
xox, rachel

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  1. Gahhh! Better than I even expected, I love how you can draw in the negative like that, it's still so detailed. You rocked it!