Monday, August 9, 2010

pink red pretty happy!

oops! i missed sunday. i was a busy kid yesterday. i was also doing some serious relaxing due to the cloudy, rainy weather. i LOVED it because this poor florida foiliage is quite desperate for the water plus it put me in just the right mood: a balance of artistic inspiration and laziness:)
i told you i would share the treasures i picked up on saturday while i was running around but the one find that takes the CAKE and is going to be used for my fall photos is this old skool vintage rugby cardigan sweater with stripes and front pockets. it was a QUARTER! and look at all that pretty luggage sitting there waiting patiently to be upcycled. love this color mix!
now, onto the goodies from the first photo. red and pink galore with SUCH cute designs i can barely stand it!
(#2 & 3 are from the same shop because they were both so fun and i couldn't choose between them. #4 is the BEST shade of red and i would LOVE to upcycle/personalize that for myself or someone else)
lots of shooting & drawing going on in my little office
hope everyone is having a happy monday.
xo, rachel

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  1. lovely lovely luggage! The cardigan is great, too.