Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GRSG AD + 4 things

good news: caroline & i got some great shots for new blog ads! the light was just right and i really like the feel of these photos. the above ad if the final horizontal ad. vertical one to come:)
1. Trifold Wallet Reboot $15
i am really digging robots these days
2. tiny love notes $10
i want every thing from red star ink
3. Bunny Rabbit 63 Feltidermy Large $120
anything cuter than FELTIDERMY? i think not!
4. lilliput natural vine crown $65
love this crown as well as the photo & her tattoos
this last group is 3 more shots i really liked and just thought i would share for fun.
also, any ideas for new designs you guys would like to see for fall?? i'm oh so curious and would LOVE your feedback.
love, rachel


  1. Oh, Rachel...thank you so much! I adore your shop. I have my on a few things...


  2. Awesome photos Rach...Great Subject matter...Caroline is soooo adorable...love your pics and your ETSY picks as well...gail