Friday, August 20, 2010

Threads & TRENDS

don't ask me why but i have a thing for "spools of thread". i wish i was better at sewing, that i had more time to do it and that my grandmother was still alive to teach me all of her tricks. i do have her sewing box and i cherish it! i went on a "spools of thread hunting binge" last night and the goodies above are half of what i found:) you can buy all things pictured plus 8 extra threaded goodies over in my etsy treasury here....
okay, i am not a big fan of keeping up with the trends. i don't have time and i really just like to like what i like. there is nothing wrong with keeping up on trends, i should probably do more of it when i'm drawing new designs on my luggage, but i just am not the girl to go to if you want to know what's "in", as they say. i'm getting to my point i promise!
my sister has been telling me for months to start watching WEEDS. i gave in yesterday and watched 2 episodes. the intro to that show blew me away. i found it so fascinating and i was able to find a video clip of it to share with you- it's BRILLIANT!
and it definitely reminds me of why i tend to stay away from trends:
happy weekend!

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  1. And they're all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same :)

    I agree, the intro is brilliant, as is the song!