Friday, August 13, 2010


we went thrifting ALL day today. got some FABULOUS stuff that you will be seeing in the shop soon but our funniest find was this album- SHANTYTOWN. if you are a fan of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries then you will clearly see the similarities of this album cover and some shots from "A Mighty Wind". The bus is headed to Shantytown!
i mean, really study these fantastic people. could they look any merrier? can you spot the 4 pieces of vintage luggage? we HAD to have it and it's only gotten funnier as the day has progressed!
this is a shot of tristan sitting amonst the coolest 3 piece set of luggage ever! i cannot wait to shoot these for the shop. threw in shanty-lovin' because we really do love them so very much.
look at the interior of the smallest case. i have no words......
tonight we are watching 2 movies and having a campfire.
hope everyone has plans for a magical weekend:)
love, rachel

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  1. OMG those are all such great finds!! i live for a good thrifted find!!! love the blog!