Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Salt Empire

oh how the photos from the shop above inspire me. they are so beautiful and the earrings that are for sale are SPECTACULAR!
go check out TheSaltEmpire

it's pretty safe to say that i have been in love with this striped sweatshirt since i first found etsy. it looks so comfortable and the detailing of the ruffles on the shoulders gives it the perfect feminine touch:)
Blue and white striped sweatshirt by VictorianBird

i really want to start reading more and i think this autumn leaf in red hues might just be the jump start i need to get me back in the habit:)
Autumn Leaf Bookmark by Rumpelfeltskin
cannot believe it's wednesday! the husband has gone back to work (he is a high school physics teacher) and i am officially a part of the 30 year old club. it feels like a new season really is starting! now to book that trip back to michigan in october. i'm working up to it.
xo, rachel

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  1. That sweatshirt is adorable! I wish you the best of luck with the 30-year-old club. A new season is starting, Fall!