Sunday, October 31, 2010

jack & caroline 23/365

Day 23/365 days on Flickr
jack & caroline 23/365
[2 days in a row of our infamous pumpkin but i don't care. how could i pass up on this shot of caroline in the sunstreams?]

Saturday, October 30, 2010

HALLOWEEN Demsick Style

this was by FAR the coolest pumpkin i have EVER carved....
and ALL props go to my husband for coming up with the ENTIRE idea:)
we saw white pumpkins at the patch this morn.
and TA-DA! robert's brain clicks into gear!
i sketched him out with a bic
robert cut out the eyes and the middle of the mouth
(Day 22/365 days on FlickR)
i was on nose and teeth duty!
we were SO PLEASED
then we baked up Jack's insides with some olive oil and salt
this is how we do Halloween- Demsick Style.
xox, rachel (& robert)

Saturday Pumpkins & iPhones

it's finallllly here!
the iPhone4 is officially mine and i could not be more pleased with it
i am, of course, going hipstamatic bananas with the camera
today we bought a baby pumpkin and a BIG white pumpkin to make our Nightmare Before Christmas Jack-o-lantern. i will be drawing it, robert will be cutting it.
here is a shot of the cutest little headphone tin there ever was. i got it for my birthday, yes, from ETSY! you can snag one for yourself right HERE
lastly is a shot of the wall to the left of my desktop. i've been trying to get this shot for soooo long. who knew the iPhone would get it just right?
i love the way my little houses from TheLittleRedDoor sit on top of my "R" perfectly:)

i have been a etsy treasury making fool this past week
still getting into the swing of things
still unpacking
loving every second of being home
xox, rachel
oh wait, you want a song? sure thing!

{song: What a Day artist: Greg Laswell}

Friday, October 29, 2010

vintage spools of threaded 21/365

Day 21/365 days on Flickr
vintage spools of threaded 21/365
[new iphone4, hipstamatic apps, vintage spools of thread i bought on etsy. ALL 3 things make me oh soooo happy:)]

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

keep it Handmade

i am happy
i am sad
i am missing
i am relieved
i am foggy
i am proud
i will forever be remembering
xox, rachel

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rockwood NYC

i cannot believe the tour is coming to a close
it has been the best whirlwind of my life!
here are a couple shots from the show last night in NYC @ the Rockwood
what a terrific venue
i'm getting all teary-eyed.....
i will be doing catch-up posts intermixed with my regular postings in the weeks to come.
until then i'm FULLY enjoying my last full day in Brooklyn with amy of ThePeachTree
getting muffins from Crumbs
taking product shots in the quaint little parksand listening to Wilco on the turntablethis is living life........
xox, rachel

Saturday, October 23, 2010

working on my cornfield walk 19/365

Day 19/365 days on Flickr
working on my cornfield walk
[a random cornfield in Buffalo, Minnesota. and yes, i grabbed this title right from a line out of Frightened Rabbit's "Backwards Walk".]

Keep Me Around

here is a photo of Annie rocking out "Keep Me Around" in Minnesota
wanna hear the album version?
i've got that for ya too:

{song: Keep Me around artist: Annie Stela}
this song is available on Itunes. just make sure you spell the name right;) copy and paste:
Annie Stela
xox, rachel

Friday, October 22, 2010

Only the Young....

we've been covering some serious U.S. ground.
the cobblestone streets of st. charles missouri
the thrift shops of the midwest
R is for rachel
A is for annie
i will never forget those blocks in Kansas
"for me this is heaven...."
just watching my best friend sound check before her show in minnesota"the leaves are fallin"
they literally danced across my hometown street. gusts of wind came in waves and made them scratch against the concrete.
being home is so hard.
i don't want to leave.
i cannot stay.
the last thing i feel right now is strong
i'm holding back tears,
biting my bottom lip,
because i've shed plenty in the past 24 hours.
it's time to get back on the road,
it's time to toughen up,
even if i have to fake it

{Song: Only the Young Artist: Brandon Flowers}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Checked OUT....

.....but trying to check back in
how is it wednesday?!?!?!?
i still have 2 shows to post about, random photoshoots, dropping the pa, how we ran out of gas on the highway driving from chicago to detroit in the middle of the night.......
so soooooo much!
but we are in the homes we grew up in and soaking it up.
a song a song, at least i've got a song!!!!

{Song: Green Artist: Alex Lloyd}
be back soon!
hoping to do some major blogging tonight
if i can stay awake
xox, rachel

Monday, October 18, 2010

IOWA Passerby

Iowa was pretty & we found a GREAT place to snap photos
that being said.....
the drive was sloooooow
there were no rest stops
or edible food stops
as annie put it this morning:
"Iowa was for the birds."
still sufferring from the head/chest cold but the Minnesota show was great & i will share more soon.
here is a song for all you awesome readers:)

[Song: Passerby Artist: Allie Moss]
xox, rachel

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missouri show!

the show last night in st. charles Missouri was excellent!
i'm currently suffering from a HORRID head cold and i think my head may explode
BUT, i wanted to share a few shots from the show:)
today we drove 8+ hours and are currently comatose in our hotel room in minnesota.
the drive through Iowa was a bit rough, slooooww and the directions were confusing.
it's crisp and chilly up here.
the air is fresh!
time for some throat coat.
sooooo much more to post of all the in-betweens
soon, when i'm a bit more coherent.
xox, rachel

Saturday, October 16, 2010

this dusty light 18/365

Day 18/365 days on Flickr
this dusty light
[it was reallllly difficult to pick just one photo from the shoot we did on this day. as i blogged: annie and i pulled off at a random exit in missouri that seemed pretty much dead to the world. there were no houses in sight, just an empty church. super small and old and wouldn't you know, they left the doors open for us! we didn't move a thing. the floor creaked, the pews were covered in olive green suede material. the sunset crept through the windows perfectly. quite possibly the VERY BEST photoshoots i have ever done. the end.]

In My Veins

downtown st. charles, MO reminds me sooooo much of where i grew up.
franklin, MI
this place couldn't be more inviting if it tried
time for a really good song:

[Song: In My Veins artist: Andrew Belle]


both annie & myself hail from the midwest- HOLLLLLER!
how we love it so.
being in missouri is like coming home
the air out here is magic-crisp
the water is perfection.
yesterday we pulled off some random exit and decided to have a photoshoot.
the town church doors were wide open,
a tractor and a fence sat behind it.
here is a taste of what we captured:)

our accomadations last night were so glorious.
we got a late check out so we're just chillin' in the room. catching up on emails, doing a load of laundry, taking long and glorious showers and listening to some Bright Eyes.
off to downtown St. Charles in a bit.
thanks for checking in!

Friday, October 15, 2010

maid closet 17/365

Day 17/365 days on Flickr
maid closet
[this is what i found when i went rooting around our hotel in the morning before checkout. in case you didn't know where your hotel towels are stowed, well, now you do. this was one disturbing closet. life on the road.]

Welcome to Topeka Kansas!

a photo of this sweet lone acorn top was our first taste of autumn in Kansas.
oh how we adore the midwest
look at that handful of goodness
we arrived in Topeka Kansas early, which was a nice bonus because that meant we could check into our hotel and get ready there before the show. the street annie played on was quaint and reminded us of Royal Oak, MI, minus about 90% of the people. this town was MUCH quieter.
right before we left for the show there was some wicked awesome light hitting the beds at our not-so-quality Quality Inn. had to snap a shot!
this night was full of shenanigans
let me repeat:
i need to dedicate an entire post to the the series of unfortunate events that took place after we left the hotel for the show because they are too terribly hilarious to get into now
it was one of those nights....
annie and i kept asking each other, "is this really happening?" and "is someone playing a joke on us?" and then we would erupt in laughter to the point of tears.
upward and onward.
xox, rachel
*wanna listen to Annie Stela? visit her Facebook page HERE & go to her music player on the left sidebar:)*

Thursday, October 14, 2010

max plays 16/365

Day 16/365 on Flickr
max plays
on annie's keyboard.
(the child was pretty much the most adorable little guy ever. and lots of his shirts are from ETSY! couldn't be cooler)

travel day 2

but it started out with
"the tristan homemade soy latte"
which makes for very happy campers:)
(thank you T1 & T2!)
we drove 12 hours straight.
Utah to Kansas.
then we had to unload all the gear into our hotel room, which was on the 2nd floor.
no elevator.
i'm in a coma lying on the bed of a Quality Inn.

some of today's music included:
Fiona Apple- when the pawn
Nada Surf- ALL of it
Robyn- body talk part 1
Jimmy Eat World- invented (we arn't sure about this one)
Band Of Horses- 1st 2 albums
Snow Patrol- final straw & eyes open
Tegan & Sara- so jealous
The Sundays- reading, writing & arithmetic
and some real good playlists.
here is a song, i know, i've been slacking- i apologize!it's title is truly how i feel to be having this experience

Ben Folds: The Luckiest
xox, rachel

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to Salt Lake City

(this photo was also Day 15/365 days on Flickr)
tour keeps us busy!!!!
above is the front door of the absolutely UNREAL house annie played a show at last night. one of the homeowners was an architect and the inside was a dream. the acoustics in the room where the show was played blew our minds.
it feels really impersonal to call them homeowners but i feel i gotta protect ya know?
and they were so much MORE than homeowners.... they cooked us a delicious dinner, were as friendly as friendly could be, made latte's in the morning and had our same sense of insane humor.
what more could we ask for?
this was a pre-show photo i snapped. there are so many good things going on in this room that i don't even know where to start..... so i won't even try.
a shot of the merch setup
and lastly, a shot of the show!
words cannot describe it. the intimate setting and the music put me in a trance.
1st show of the tour could NOT have gone any better and just left me starving for MORE.
next up, topeka, kansas.
HUGE thanks to all the people of Salt Lake who made us feel right at home.
xox, rachel
*wanna listen to Annie Stela? visit her Facebook page HERE & go to her music player on the left sidebar:)*