Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Checked OUT....

.....but trying to check back in
how is it wednesday?!?!?!?
i still have 2 shows to post about, random photoshoots, dropping the pa, how we ran out of gas on the highway driving from chicago to detroit in the middle of the night.......
so soooooo much!
but we are in the homes we grew up in and soaking it up.
a song a song, at least i've got a song!!!!

{Song: Green Artist: Alex Lloyd}
be back soon!
hoping to do some major blogging tonight
if i can stay awake
xox, rachel

1 comment:

  1. i'm so jealous. a big shout out to south greenbriar, my girl Lydia, the kidney shaped pool, the sun room door!, that glorious fireplace, mulberry trees, the big red Maple, the Blob, Mom's white bike that I know sits in the semi-carpeted garage, outdoor fridge (once chalk full of Country Time Lemonade), the Milk door, indoor fridge(the light never worked), the smell of Tide and Bounty chemically reacted with well water- the most glorious smell there ever was, Scenic Drive, the 4-mile walk, LOLA!, Franklin Park, the Cider Mill, Coney Island, and of course, Colls Mom. Enjoy every moment of home.