Friday, October 22, 2010

Only the Young....

we've been covering some serious U.S. ground.
the cobblestone streets of st. charles missouri
the thrift shops of the midwest
R is for rachel
A is for annie
i will never forget those blocks in Kansas
"for me this is heaven...."
just watching my best friend sound check before her show in minnesota"the leaves are fallin"
they literally danced across my hometown street. gusts of wind came in waves and made them scratch against the concrete.
being home is so hard.
i don't want to leave.
i cannot stay.
the last thing i feel right now is strong
i'm holding back tears,
biting my bottom lip,
because i've shed plenty in the past 24 hours.
it's time to get back on the road,
it's time to toughen up,
even if i have to fake it

{Song: Only the Young Artist: Brandon Flowers}

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