Monday, October 4, 2010

Dinner on our driveway 7/365

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dinner on our driveway
[shame on me for this one..... i had a busy day and it started with me fully intending to take a quality photo for day 7. all of the sudden the sun was setting. we were eating dinner and the light went off in my head. i grabbed our empty edamame shells, my camera and a fork. if we ate dinner on our driveway it would've looked like this. (the fork was for the pasta, not the edamame, in case you were wondering "how the heck does this girl eat her soybeans?!")]
on another note, i got bangs. i know, like you care;) but i think i made up for this fizzle of a post by the movie trailer i posted earlier that is MAGICAL!
xox, rachel

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