Saturday, October 30, 2010

HALLOWEEN Demsick Style

this was by FAR the coolest pumpkin i have EVER carved....
and ALL props go to my husband for coming up with the ENTIRE idea:)
we saw white pumpkins at the patch this morn.
and TA-DA! robert's brain clicks into gear!
i sketched him out with a bic
robert cut out the eyes and the middle of the mouth
(Day 22/365 days on FlickR)
i was on nose and teeth duty!
we were SO PLEASED
then we baked up Jack's insides with some olive oil and salt
this is how we do Halloween- Demsick Style.
xox, rachel (& robert)


  1. Turned out super awesome and now I can't wait to see it lit up. :-D

    (I have to convince my sister to even buy pumpkins this year to carve...things have been crazy at home. :-/ )