Sunday, October 3, 2010

365 days on FLICKR....

i will first get you up to speed
then i will be adding my "photo of the day" to the daily blog
(is this the part where i lose followers?)
there are descriptions below if you want some background info. on the shots. i tried doing 365 days of self- portraits on Flickr and it was TORTURE! wayyyy too much of "me" for me to handle. i give major props to those of you who have completed this challenge, or even made it past the 30-day mark. i did NOT.
we'll start at the very beginning... 'cause it's a very good place to start;)looking up a locker 1/365
i cannot handle the amount of love i have for my red locker. it is covered head to toe and filled to the brim. i love the color of my walls of my office, the vinyl records hanging on them and the white globe lights all strung out at the ceiling. here's to 365 photos of WHATEVER i want! xox, rachel
not welcomed 2/365
taken at a house that has been abandoned and locked up for over 2 years. lately people have been trying to clean it up, i assume in an attempt to sell it. truth be told, i hope nobody bites. i liked it better when nature had it's way with it. 3/365
these poor nails are all kinds of chipped. this is real life. and though the subject has such pretty hands i love the rusty screw a top them. like a present:)
i can't believe we lived here 4/365
this is the house where i shot the cover of Annie Stela's "Little House EP". it used to have a roof, it used to be dark, the cabinets used to be firmly attached to the walls.
TheSecretHistory 5/365
today i am tired and excited and tired and worn out from being so excited but i WILL be doing a photo a day, even if i post 2 on the same day- no.4 was shot yesterday but i didn't edit it til today- see this nonsenseical ramble of a tired girl. so here is my shot! my globe lights, pretty colors and a magnified view. the end.
HELLO office 6/365
i realize this photo is simple in all ways. but when i passed by my office this morning and saw my HELLO vinyl decal, my pile of luggage, train cases peeking out from my bookshelf, the way that the light hit my cheap door..... well, it was pretty to me. it invited me in. so i shot it. and it makes me happy. take or leave it.

thanks for viewing.
happy sunday
and if ANYONE knows how i can make my own my OWN playlist from MY SONGS on ITUNES pretty please let me know. i will pay you for this!
xox, rachel


  1. Really like your project. I started one and I am on day 44 today, because of choosing to do my photos with a cell camera to see if I could make pictures I like, I am not really on day 44, I have had to return my phone 4 times. So my 365 is a 100 so I can get to another one without the cell phone camera. Sorry for dragging on I like where you are going with yours and the colors, I will be following along:)

  2. I'm glad you had a nice morning. Pictures look great!