Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Pumpkins & iPhones

it's finallllly here!
the iPhone4 is officially mine and i could not be more pleased with it
i am, of course, going hipstamatic bananas with the camera
today we bought a baby pumpkin and a BIG white pumpkin to make our Nightmare Before Christmas Jack-o-lantern. i will be drawing it, robert will be cutting it.
here is a shot of the cutest little headphone tin there ever was. i got it for my birthday, yes, from ETSY! you can snag one for yourself right HERE
lastly is a shot of the wall to the left of my desktop. i've been trying to get this shot for soooo long. who knew the iPhone would get it just right?
i love the way my little houses from TheLittleRedDoor sit on top of my "R" perfectly:)

i have been a etsy treasury making fool this past week
still getting into the swing of things
still unpacking
loving every second of being home
xox, rachel
oh wait, you want a song? sure thing!

{song: What a Day artist: Greg Laswell}

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