Saturday, October 16, 2010

this dusty light 18/365

Day 18/365 days on Flickr
this dusty light
[it was reallllly difficult to pick just one photo from the shoot we did on this day. as i blogged: annie and i pulled off at a random exit in missouri that seemed pretty much dead to the world. there were no houses in sight, just an empty church. super small and old and wouldn't you know, they left the doors open for us! we didn't move a thing. the floor creaked, the pews were covered in olive green suede material. the sunset crept through the windows perfectly. quite possibly the VERY BEST photoshoots i have ever done. the end.]

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  1. Wonderful shoot! Now I have to go back and catch up with what I missed so far. How exciting. Wish I was on a road trip!