Thursday, October 7, 2010

T is for TOUR

so, i know i've been making random mentions of trips to LA, tour, music, shop going into vacation mode. i've been avoiding a long post. i don't do well with long. i just ramble.
here are the facts:
1. i am going on a ROAD TRIP TOUR with my best friend
Annie Stela
for 17 days.

2. our show stops include:
Salt Lake City UT

Topeka KS
St Louis MO
Buffalo MN
Chicago IL
DETROOOOIT (holler 4 our hometown)

Harrisburg PA
Geneseo NY

3. this adventure will be RIDICULOUS amounts of FUN & EXHAUSTION, lucky for us will be having massive quantities of coffee to combat the latter of the 2.......
(sidenote: i NEED to find those cinderella pink coffee mugs for my house STAT)

4. we will be staying in a colorful assortment of hotels and while both annie and myself would like to stay at this place every night......
let's be real. we will be staying in places where the lighting will be offensive and the bedspreads will be best described as HIDEOUS.....
(annie, please remind me to try & steal a swatch of the fabric adorning the beds above for my interior decorator to use on my home bedroom make-over)

it's gonna be driving, setting up, annie playing a show, sleeping
laughter and ipod listening will be taking place simultaneously.

i will be documenting the ENTIRE thing right HERE on the Blog (i purchased wireless internet for my laptop for the duration of our trip) and i have no doubts that we will be stumbling upon many things of entertainment so please, STAY TUNED!!!
adventure of a lifetime here we come.....
xox, rachel


  1. That sounds amazing! Looks like I moved 2 months too early as I could have made a trip to SLC.

    Looking forward to seeing the trip unfold!

  2. Have a blast! Going to follow your trip daily. My hometown is Chicago, have fun there and tell the city I miss it!

  3. This sounds amazing!! I really look forward to following your trip. Post lots of pics and have fun Rachel!!