Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Landed.....

it hit me that i was "traveling" when i had to throw down 3 bucks for a pack of gum!
airport prices never fail.
and the gum was rancid.
it did help pop my ears.
it also left a uncomfortable burning sensation in my mouth.
i do NOT advise you buy this gum.
i had a speedy layover in the Ft. Worth Texas Airport of which i was only half awake for as i slept a mere 4 hours last night and rose at 5:30 am.
on the second leg of my flight i realized that the only pair of socks i had brought with me were the ones on my feet.
but, if this is the worst thing i forgot then ALL is GOOD:)
welcome to L.A.!!!
good old cali smelled like an ashtray but that was just because all the peeps were getting their fix on. me and my red luggage were waiting curbside.
i was ALL amped up to see my friend....
we arrived back at annie's and i was warmly welcomed with a table full of these
does it get any better than this?
the photo gracing the cover was taken of her older brother Lowell back in 1980.
keep it in the family
lastly, for your listening pleasure, is another Annie jam,Little House:

thanks for reading & feel free to come back soon for more.
we leave in the A.M. for Salt Lake City!


  1. great first day :) and great first tune - you know I love the title!

  2. yaaay! so glad you made it. - you are SO right about that gum, YUCK! - can't wait to here more... - give annie one of my famous hugs ;)