Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flickr Favorites MELT ME

this weeks Flickr Mosaic challenge from ARTMIND was played by theme:
"what touches your senses, gives you goosebumps, makes you all gooey inside..."

this was super hard for me because the 1st photo was one i DESPERATELY wanted to include but it didn't blend in with my other 3......i need things to FLOW!
i decided to go against all of what i believe in (yes, i am being overly dramatic....a little bit) and play by theme, therefore keeping the mosaic FULL of all things that i adore.
at this point of the post i am always tempted to explain why i like each photograph, but then i realize that i'd rather let the photos speak for themselves.

come join in! i say it every week and every week i mean it!


  1. Those are very nice pictures. I like the Christmas tree and lights one the best.

  2. ahhh you chose some gorgeous shots :)
    music always gave us strong emotions ;) and the Christmas tree... magic!!!

  3. music and silences are very important in our life

  4. You're such an amazing dramaqueen, Rachel! LOL I love that you play along because your mosaics and words that go along ALWAYS make me smile! :) Thanks for that! :)
    I sometimes too REALLY want to include a picture that doesn't really go along with other pics that I chose but I just have the need to share so I can't resist! Who wouldn't want a pink turntable? ;)