Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missouri show!

the show last night in st. charles Missouri was excellent!
i'm currently suffering from a HORRID head cold and i think my head may explode
BUT, i wanted to share a few shots from the show:)
today we drove 8+ hours and are currently comatose in our hotel room in minnesota.
the drive through Iowa was a bit rough, slooooww and the directions were confusing.
it's crisp and chilly up here.
the air is fresh!
time for some throat coat.
sooooo much more to post of all the in-betweens
soon, when i'm a bit more coherent.
xox, rachel


  1. feel better soon! love the shoots. looks like the microphone's on fire!

  2. Hope your cold passes quickly!!

  3. yea those lights are really sweet. i bet it was a great show