Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to Topeka Kansas!

a photo of this sweet lone acorn top was our first taste of autumn in Kansas.
oh how we adore the midwest
look at that handful of goodness
we arrived in Topeka Kansas early, which was a nice bonus because that meant we could check into our hotel and get ready there before the show. the street annie played on was quaint and reminded us of Royal Oak, MI, minus about 90% of the people. this town was MUCH quieter.
right before we left for the show there was some wicked awesome light hitting the beds at our not-so-quality Quality Inn. had to snap a shot!
this night was full of shenanigans
let me repeat:
i need to dedicate an entire post to the the series of unfortunate events that took place after we left the hotel for the show because they are too terribly hilarious to get into now
it was one of those nights....
annie and i kept asking each other, "is this really happening?" and "is someone playing a joke on us?" and then we would erupt in laughter to the point of tears.
upward and onward.
xox, rachel
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  1. Annie Stela definitely rocks, but you, most wonderful PERSON, roll beautifully. Roll on in grace and style supplied by the only generous Supplier. Mom D. is very proud of you both! (and miss you a whole lot).