Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to Salt Lake City

(this photo was also Day 15/365 days on Flickr)
tour keeps us busy!!!!
above is the front door of the absolutely UNREAL house annie played a show at last night. one of the homeowners was an architect and the inside was a dream. the acoustics in the room where the show was played blew our minds.
it feels really impersonal to call them homeowners but i feel i gotta protect ya know?
and they were so much MORE than homeowners.... they cooked us a delicious dinner, were as friendly as friendly could be, made latte's in the morning and had our same sense of insane humor.
what more could we ask for?
this was a pre-show photo i snapped. there are so many good things going on in this room that i don't even know where to start..... so i won't even try.
a shot of the merch setup
and lastly, a shot of the show!
words cannot describe it. the intimate setting and the music put me in a trance.
1st show of the tour could NOT have gone any better and just left me starving for MORE.
next up, topeka, kansas.
HUGE thanks to all the people of Salt Lake who made us feel right at home.
xox, rachel
*wanna listen to Annie Stela? visit her Facebook page HERE & go to her music player on the left sidebar:)*


  1. What a gorgeous house!
    Is there somewhere online that I can hear your friend's music? I don't feel like I can truly live vicariously through your trip to the fullest extent if I can't "hear" it, too! If so, can you DM or FB me a link?!

  2. This is awesome Rachel!! I Love Annie's voice and her lyrics, the music is just Awesome!! How do I get the song "Heart"? It's not on the CD for sale in her Shop, the "Fool" CD and I don't have an MP3 player or any of those other new-fangled thingys! I'm such an olde fashioned girl!! Let me know when you get the chance...I'd love another CD as I'm going to order "Fool" right now....YAY!!
    THANKS and have a Spectacularly Successful, Safe and FUNtastic trip!!

  3. How surreal!

    When I finally have a home of my own I will have to paint the door red. :)