Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bring me the BRIGHTS!

i really am needing a pick me up right now. soooo, bring on the BRIGHTS!
i ADORE these floral cups. i WANT THEM, hint to robert, WANT THEM BAD!
here are the details:
Vintage Arcopal demitasses $45
and you can buy them for me HERE
hello bright and retro-tastic lamps! welcome to my office......
too bad i don't have room for another light or lamp in this place. i am a light collector so these guys are up for grabs, please don't buy my mugs......
Pair - Vintage Retro 50's Table Lamps $75
and you can buy 'em HERE
and could this brick pillow be ANY cuter?
again, i don't have room for this, so it's yours for the taking!!!
get it, and a few other pillows from this shop because they are ALL ridiculously cute,
and the new Sufjan Stevens album....
it's a
cacophony of sounds
and i HIGHLY recommend you pick it up:)
xox, happy sunday, rachel

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