Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life as a House

"No, Sam I wasn't trying to get you to like me. I was trying to get you to love me."
.....and it was at this point where everything inside of me collapsed.

this movie will forever be in my top 5 favorites for so many reasons.
Kevin Kline is completely brilliant! he is witty, angry, passionate.... i could go on and on.
it had such an impact on my 21 year-young life.
the father-son relationship was so intensely moving i remember i found myself forgetting to breathe during many scenes.
it was also my first introduction to the band Guster. i immediately sought them out after leaving the theater.
"Sam... I won't ever hit you. Ever. I don't want you smaller. I want you to be happy and you're not. Not here with me, not home with your mother, not alone, not anywhere. You're what I was most of my life, Sam. I see it in your eyes, in your sleep, in your answer to everything! You're barely alive!"
in your answer to everything......
again, these words wouldn't carry the weight they do in the film if it weren't for Kevin Kline delivering them.
and lastly, the quote that has kept me going through some of my darkest days of depression:
"You know the great thing, though, is that change can be so constant you don't even feel the difference until there is one. It can be so slow that you don't even notice that your life is better or worse, until it is. Or it can just blow you away, make you something different in an instant."
so, if you haven't seen this movie, runnn!
and about that band i mentioned, Guster
well, here's one for your ears

{song: I Spy artist: Guster}
happy saturday friends:)
xox, rachel

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