Monday, December 27, 2010

Never Forgotten!

just dropping in to let you all know that i haven't forgotten about this here Blog. i'm SUPER excited about the new year and to get blogging in it!

buuuuttttt, for right now, while my husband has another week off of work, i have been busy knitting hats, relaxing, eating quality home-popped popcorn, dipping pine cones into polyurethane?!?(you'll see) and shamelessly becoming addicted to the Twilight movies. who knew?!?!?
i will be sharing music and some photos in the next dew days.
i also have a HUGE shop update that's gonna be rolled out in the first week of january:)
lots of new goodies to be photographed.
hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.
love love!
xox, rachel

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