Friday, December 10, 2010

Around N Brightly Wound

hey readers! did you know i have another etsy shop?
it has taken a huge backseat for over a year now because i 've needed to put ALL of my focus into GetReadySetGo.

last week i got a custom order request from a guy who had bought one of my scarves 2 years back! he wanted another one because apparently his son has claimed his rights to the first one:) it made me want to start to pay some more attention to the very neglected
AroundnBrightlyWound shopfront!
i don't know how i am going to go about fitting this shop in once 2011 begins, seeing as i have other big plans in the works, but, i am happy to be back knitting up goodies for my wonderful customers:)
i am also a vintage lucite junkie!
you can find some necklaces in that shop too.
please stop in if you feel so inclined:
xox, rachel


  1. Rachel, you are so talented! How do you do it all?!

  2. Hi, I think I missed the blog party, but am so glad I found you! What an awesome talent you have! I love the vintage clock too btw. Congrats on being so clever!