Friday, May 20, 2011

"Holy Doubling Up!".......

........that was the text i received from my father before i even left my dr. appt. yesterday.
i guess that's what happens when my husband AND my sister come with me to an appointment and the doc finds 2 HEARTBEATS in 2 LITTLE PEANUTS in my tummy.
Twins do NOT run in either of our fams so to say i was shocked to my very core is putting it mildly.
since then i've been every kind of not-so-fun emotion. but i'm ending today on a positive note. i've been blessed and encouraged in more ways than i can count in the past 24 hours. i'm not gonna lie...... i'm still terrified somewhere but i've got a peace right now.
too nauseated to write more but thankful i could even get this much down.
all you tweeters & facebook loves are INNNN-CREDIBLE!
i love you guys:)
xox, rachel


  1. Oh my goodness!! congratulations mama!!!!!

  2. WHOA, congratulations!! One of my good friends has twins (plus another baby), and he says in some ways that it's easier, since they can entertain each other from a very early age. He thinks it's more work than having one, but definitely not twice as much. Hang in there!